The First Tee of Canton Junior Tour

The First Tee of  Canton took over operations of the Spitale Junior Tour in 2014.  The competitive tour rotates golf courses mostly in Stark County.  Our goal for The First Tee of Canton Junior Tour is to grow the game of golf by providing junior golfers an opportunity to play competitive golf at a low cost.

2017 Tour Schedule And Registration


All 2017 winners are posted on our Facebook page.

Tee times

These are the Tee Times for the Championship Tournament this Monday the 24th. Thank you all for your participation in the Junior Tour this year. Please be at the tee box ten minutes before your tee time.
16-18 Girls
Bond, Mason 8:00
Gasparik, Madi 8:00
Hatheway, Gia 8:00
Novak, Heather 8:09
Mercer, Shelby 8:09
Burgess, Bailey 8:09
16-18 Boys
Massarelli, Nick 8:18
Miller, Bryce 8:18
Leininger, Ryan 8:36
Cook, Leonard 8:36
Jordanides, Pete 8:45
Hawkins, Ethan 8:45
Warner, Augie 8:45
13-15 Boys
Beamer, Mace 8:54
Hannan, Jack 8:54
Marshall, Matt 9:03
Hood, Blake 9:03
Belden, Charlie 9:03
Scarbrough, Caden 9:12
Ramold, Ben 9:12
Klotz, Daniel 9:12
13-15 Girls
Young, Campbell 9:21
Gruber, Madison 9:21
Muckleroy, Mattie 9:30
Petro, Lauren 9:30
Bice, Katie 9:30
May, Grace 9:39
Nikolaidis, Boo 9:39
Rosa, Sophia 9:39
10-12 Girls
Ellis, Halle 8:00 B
Nikolaidis, Abrielle 8:00 B
Strouse, Erin 8:00 B
10-12 Boys
Ryan, Jacob 8:09 B
Clark, Fletcher 8:09 B
Mayle, Jack 8:09 B
Boyles, Sam 8:18 B
Scassa, Raffaele 8:18 B
Jordanides, Evan 8:18 B
2017 Schedule

June 5th – Skyland Pines Golf Course

June 12th – Arrowhead Golf Course

June 19th – The Sanctuary Golf Course

June 26th – Tam O’Shanter (Dales)

July 3rd – Sleepy Hollow Golf Course (Alliance)

July 10th – Tam O’Shanter (Hills)

July 17th – Tannenhauf Golf Course

July 24th – Skyland Pines – Points Invitational